Jun 30 2012

Gold Bond Friction Defense Review & Giveaway

Gold Bond Friction Defense
$4.99 to $6.99 at major retailers, including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS 

Reviewing running gear isn’t just endless piles of cute skirts and cool shoes. Sometimes you have to dig deep into the heart of the matter—and it isn’t always pretty. Yep, I’m talking about chafing.

The latest player on the anti-chafe scene is Gold Bond Friction Defense, a stain-free, unscented (yay!), nongreasy, sweat- and water-resistant stick of moisturizing, anti-chafing goodness. Did you notice the price? You get more product for less cash than that other anti-chafe stick that’s popular with runners. But is Gold Bond Friction Defense as effective? I put it to the test during this week’s brutal, sweaty heat wave.

Where Do You Chafe?
Every runner has her own specific chafing challenge. Maybe your shorts rub your thighs the wrong way or, men, maybe your shirt rubs your chest parts till they’re a bit too raw for a decent finish line photo (you know what I’m saying). My chafing challenges are the front neckline of my sports bra and… the tips of my toes. I thought the toe chafing was a just-me thing until I saw the handy chafe chart (see left) included in the Friction Defense PR kit. Feet! (And, uh, groin. That sounds terrible!)

Sounds totally no-duh, but I only recently realized that it’s not a too-small toebox in my shoe, but my socks that are chafing the bejeezus out of the tips of my square Fred Flintstone-like toes. They sting by the end of long runs and then become calloused and, frankly, utterly unsightly.

How Does Friction Defense Perform?
All this week I’ve been rubbing this Friction Defense stuff on my toes and around the edge of my sports bra before running. Magically, no chafing! Even better, Friction Defense is actually leaving my toes in better overall condition. Huh.

I’m guessing this extra moisturizing quality comes from Friction Defense’s inclusion of aloe, bisabolol (basically the main component of essential oil of chamomile), ginger root extract, and vitamin E. Maybe those things are what makes Friction Defense go on as smoothly and easily as it does.

Will Friction Defense Stain My Stuff?
Today I salty-sweated through a blazing-hot 8-miler bedecked in my brand-new INKnBURN Vintage camisole—with an ample amount of Friction Defense rubbed around the straps and inside the front neckline. Pretty daring, right? A big oily stain on a supercute top would be a total bummer. But nope, Friction Defense left no marks at all and washed out easily.

Is Friction Defense Hard to Wash Off?
Again, nope. Friction Defense comes off easily in the shower with your cleansing method of choice.

Can I Use Friction Defense on My Sensitive Skin?
If your skin is anything like my pale, fussy, fragrance-sensitive skin, then you shouldn’t have any trouble with this stuff. No scent, plus aloe and ginger root to soothe seem to be just the thing for us delicate flowers.

To sum up, I’m adding Gold Bond Friction Defense to my gotta-have-it list of running gear. And no, I won’t lend you mine, but you can try to win your own…

Win a stick of Gold Bond Friction Defense
and a pair of Gold Bond socks!

*** Contest has ended: Congratulations to Melanie Stella Wright! ***

1. Confess your chafing challenge in the comments of this post.

2. Like the Virtual 12athon Challenge Facebook page and leave a comment saying why you want to win your own Gold Bond Friction Defense and socks.

Our chicken Lunch will pick one lucky winner at
5 p.m. EST on July 5!

Two More Chances to Win!
Participate in the July 12athon. The two lucky swag bag winners will receive
Gold Bond Friction Defense and a pair of socks in their swag bag!

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  1. Daniel Inman

    My challenge is only when its extremely hot and or wet. Then I get some nice chaffing in the chest area which has led to use of Band-Aids, tape, and that other chaffing prevention substance. Would love to have something new to use that works both before and after to help the skin!

  2. Jessica

    I’ve been having the worst trouble with the spot where my sports bra goes over my collar bone. Especially as it gets warmer that seems to chafe pretty bad. Also, depending on what shorts I’m wearing, inner thighs can be a huge problem.

  3. Melanie

    So, I suffer from what I call “Chub Rub”…yes, it’s the rubbing of my Chub (aka thighs) on most of my runs. I also get chafing along the waist band of my shorts, random right?! Probably the most important reason to try both products is like you, I suffer from toe chafing…I thought I was a freak but I realize now, there are two of us. ha! So Gold Bond Socks with the rub, holy moly! I’d be on cloud nine!

  4. Katie Kee

    I chafe in different spots in different times. Most of the time, I get the chub rub chafe like Melanie. But, last summer I would get chafing in my tricep area (I would assume from my arm motion when running). I’ve also had chafing on my shorts waist band and the bottom band of my sports bra. So now, I just give myself a general rubdown on all possible points of chafing before a long run. That means I go through the stuff! Sure would help to have some of that Gold Bond Friction Defense to help me out!

  5. Heids

    I soooo need me some Gold Bond Friction Defense! Like Daniel, my chaffing problems arise when it is either hot or wet…thing is, in Darwin it is always one or the other…or both! Like Melanie and Katie I too suffer from chub rub…except when I wear my awesome CEP compression shorts, unfortunately there ain’t no compression gear that can help with the chaffing I get from wearing a armband to carry my phone, so I would love some awesome Defense to protect my arm and make it more comfy o wear my running skorts, cause I only have one pair of compression shorts…and skorts are pretty!

  6. Suzanne

    My chafing challenge is my bra line. If I get wet it can be brutal and it’s hard to avoid the sprinklers and throwing water on myself during hot summer runs. I’d love to try the Gold Bond to see if this helps me!

  7. rebecca

    My major chafe area is my thighs. I have tried everything and I still chafe like crazy. My husband is so kind and considerate of my pain that when I chafe really bad and scream in the shower he starts singing. “There’s a fire down below”. Now that is love!

  8. Christen

    My chafing challenge – probably a common one for most women – is the sports bra area. Especially in the center of my chest, near my sternum. I have scars from a few particularly bad times! Also, under my arms – I like to wear looser singlets/tanks and I always end up with raw skin if I forget to use some kind of friction defense. There’s nothing like getting in the shower and shrieking in pain from some previously undiscovered chafing…

    I begrudgingly use Body Glide because it’s the only friction product I can find near me. I’ve searched every drugstore near me for the Gold Bond product, to no avail! I really dislike Body Glide for one big reason – it smells AWFUL. At first I thought it was just a bad stick – but now I am on stick #3 (and at least $25 poorer), and they have all smelled so bad that it turns my stomach.

    I would love to win the Gold Bond Friction defense & socks because I am tired of having to smell bad in order to avoid chafing. :)

    (also liked the facebook challenge!)

  9. Greg Gwynn

    Simply put my nipples love this stuff!!

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